Texas Unemployment Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Texas Unemployment Login:

Logging into the Texas Unemployment Page:

1. It all starts with going to the right place. That right place is linked right here: https://services.twc.state.tx.us/UBS/security/logon.do Visit this page to get to the right login page.
2. Start out by typing your User ID into the top box of the login boxes. Since you might be familiar with using a Username instead, this is the same sort of idea.
3. Under that, type your password in to the next box. Of course, this page will mask your password as you type it in, so don't type carelessly.
4. Click on the grey "log on" button below the two-step login boxes. 
5. From here, you will be fully logged into your account if you had no problems with the login. If you want to change your password, or need to change it for any reason, the instructions for doing that are just below.


Resetting your Password:

1. Look to the quick links on the right side of the login page. Hopefully you should still be on the login site. If you aren't visit the link in the steps above to get there right now.
2. Click on the third quick link from the top. This will take you to a password reset page.
3. There are three things you need to do on this page. First, type your User ID into the top box.
4. Write your first name into the next box, and then your last name into the third box on the page. Make sure you type it in the same way you did when you first signed in to the site.
5. For some reason, the button you need to press is the left button of the two. While progressing forward, which a next button symbolizes, is usually signified as to the right, this site is apparently backwards. Don't get too confused by it. Follow the steps that come up after this in order to complete your password reset. It should not take more than a few minutes before you are logged in again.

Contacting Texas Unemployment:

1. Send a message: https://wit.twc.state.tx.us/WORKINTEXAS/wtx?pageid=CV_MSG_COMPOSE&cookiecheckflag=1
2. Call at: 866-938-4444